Privacy Guard Data needs to be protected, and its derivation and use documented, at every step of the engagement.

Privacy Guard: GDPR-ready from the ground up.
Don’t take the risk. Too many marketing platforms leave their clients exposed to risk with incomplete privacy features.
  • Manage Lawful Basis

    Privacy Guard was specifically designed to make the collection and managment of proper lawful basis as burden-free as possible.

    Privacy Manager

    The Privacy Manager is a central hub to manage and moderate all incoming data subject access requests and conduct routine compliance audits.

  • Individual Rights Requests

    Empower your data subjects with easy access to make data access requests directly from their Preference Center manager. No coding required.

    Transparent Cookie Notice

    Customize and personalize your cookie consent alerts and policies to inform visitors what you’re tracking and why.

  • Asset 4
    Syncs with your CRM

    We are firm believers that the CRM should be the one source of data truth. Privacy Guard will ensure your CRM is always in-sync with each contacts lawful basis.

    Enhanced Preference Center

    Our Preference Center enables your data subjects to manage their subscription preferences, update their profile data and to submit data access requests 24/7.

Target Request type Status
Full name redacted
Erase Request
Full name redacted
Erase Request
William Gates
Access Request
John Doe
Erase Request
yes no